EUKEYCOM | Projects realized between Tarragona and Mikolow in 2014/15
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-­ European Key Competences and future jobs –

This  project  intends  to  create  a  shared  understanding  of  the  application of  the European  Key  Competences in  the  context  of  their  own  curricula for  learning.  There   are  envisaged  major  positive  results  for  pupils´ learning  based  on  key  competences,   especially  in  the  areas  of communication  in  a  foreign  language,  digital  competence,   engaging  all pupils  in  learning  to  learn.

This  is  the  general  aim  of  the  project,  that  will  be  processed  in  the within  following:   schools  within  the  Partners  Regions  will  elaborate the  shared  curricula  theme  based  on   the  Key  Competences,  that  will processed  and  evaluated  by  Local  Authorities  and   third  partners  in both  Partner  Regions  and  supported  by  peer  learning.   The modernization  of  vocational  education  should  be  supported  by  the additional   encouragements  for  the  pupils,  who  start  the  education  in this  branch.  Such  an   activities  cause  the  increase  of  popularity  of vocational  education  and  training  as  an   educational  path,  as  well  as adjustment  of  its  offer  to  the  demands  of  labour  market   (in  every dimension).     It  is  important  remember  that  the  main  aims  of  this project  are:

  • Practical application and development of foreign language skills by students and teachers.
  • Direct knowledge of the problems of living and working in other countries, collected in the course of partners’ meeting
  • Preparing the pupils to continuously develop and adapt themselves to the current situation on the labor market;
  • Enrich the knowledge of the similar labour issues in other countries
  • Extended use of ICT in the pupils’ work within the limits of the project;

For the project, the different partners have shared the importance that the technical training nowadays has, both in training young people as for economic growth of countries. Furthermore and from the aim of improving the students language skills, it has been valued greatly that the students of vocational training can make stays in European companies as part of their training. Finally, it has rated very positively the importance of having documentation and joint procedures between the two cities in order to improve the management of the exchanges of Vocational Education Training students and teachers too.
Moreover, the European Council conclusions of 12 May 2009 on a strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (“ET 2020″), highlights that education and training must play a crucial role to address the many challenges: socio-­‐economic, demographic, environmental and technological that Europe and the its citizens shall must facing in the coming years. That is why The Council propose as Strategic Objective 1: making lifelong learning and mobility a reality and considers the mobility of students, teachers and teacher trainers, as an essential element of lifelong learning and an important way to enhance employability and adaptability, which should gradually be extended for periods of learning abroad both within Europe and around the world are the norm rather than the exception.
The present document has been created considering all these reasons and also the reflections, discussions and input from participants in the different meetings throughout the project have been carried out. The outcome is that it would be appropriate elaborate two basic documents that its would be useful both teachers and students which purpose will be the placements management in European companies and therefore it would be contemplate the different actions, processes and procedures to be followed in order to obtain a quality mobilities as recommended by the European Union as the Recommendation (EC) No 2006/961 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2006 on transnational mobility within the Community for education and training purposes: European Quality Charter for Mobility As has been pointed these documents will reference on the one hand to the development of a Manual for Mobility Management and Placements Abroad and on the other hand to the definition of guidelines for the creation of a Portfolio Student reference to the placements carried out and the skills acquired on this experience The implementation of these documents also will expand language skills, both teachers and students, since they all used the English as the language In first steep, students of schools in Mikolow and Tarragona will be the pilot users and once the effectiveness and the right use of the tools being approve, it will be disseminated and shared with the network partners. In other hand, EuKEyCom project will be served to reinforce the will of the two cities to continue working both together.


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Our projects

Projects realized between Tarragona and Mikolow in 2014/15

English project

The English course was conducted within two school years (2013/2014 and 2014/ 2015) enabling more students to take part in it.

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Entrepreneural project

This program has a goal to promote the acquisition of European key competencies, related with foreign language skills, use of new technologies, and entrepreneurial skills

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Information and Communications Technology

A letter-email exchange between the respective pupils was established to achieve communication between participants from English project

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Coffee-making in Vocational Training and Disabilities

Workshops of PROFESSIONAL COFFEE MAKING consisted of theoretical and practical parts, delivering participants practical tips and tricks of best ways of making coffee using professional equipment.

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Soap making

Domowy wyrób mydła
Publiczna Szkoła Specjalna Sant Rafael
Rada Wojewódzka TARRAGONA

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europe mobility
Mobility Management and Placements Abroad

Placements abroad are the response of national educational systems to the perceived negative effects of globalization.

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This project is done in cooperation bewteen Tarragona, Catalonia and Mikolow county, Poland.